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[ 01-01-2013 ]
Local enterprises 'fail to leverage on social media
SINGAPORE - Local companies are laggards in the region when it comes to using social media to boost their business, according to a recent report by media consultants Rock Publicity.

Despite the fact that Singaporeans surf websites like Twitter on smartphones more than any other country on the planet on a per capita basis, and are the world's heaviest Facebook users per session, Singapore came last in a ranking of the nine countries in Asia that the media consultancy has experience working in.

"Whether it's because of lack of knowledge, training or simply complacence, local companies are some of the worst not only in Asia, but in the developed world," said Mr Leon Hill, CEO of Australia-based Rock Publicity. 

"We found the vast majority of companies in Singapore either have no idea how to build a brand via social media or use the medium to find sales opportunities. In most cases, they were just ignoring their communities altogether."

The group was ranked based on what percentage of the companies in that country are effectively marketing and communicating through social media. To come up with their findings, Rock Publicity spent over three months studying 217 local companies and surveying more than 50,000 Singaporeans.

Cultural issues may also play a part, said Mr Hill, who spent years working and living in Singapore and other parts of Asia.

"Singapore is still very traditional in many ways. Even though the younger generation is taking to social media in a big way, I find that the older generations are very set in their ways compared to their counterparts in, say, Malaysia," he told TODAY.

Topping the ranking was Indonesia, followed by South Korea, United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Japan and Singapore.