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[ 01-03-2013 ]
Malaysia can be global cooperative power player

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia can be a global cooperative power if industry players have a high-integrity administrative system that promotes capacity development, said new Cooperatives Commission of Malaysia (CCM) Executive Chairman Datuk Nik Ali Mat Yunus.


Nik Ali, who succeeded Datuk Md Yusof Samsudin to the post on Jan 21, told Bernama in a recent interview: "I believe if all cooperatives practise a good administrative system, they could be one of the most successful sectors.
"Matrade is involved in export development and promotes Malaysian products while SME Corp, which provides various incentives and grants, holds business clinics in efforts to promote our products and services.
"In line with the blue ocean strategy introduced by the government, we should collaborate with other government agencies to ensure cooperatives in Malaysia develop to a higher level." 
Nik Ali said cooperative development should be driven by industry players while CCM's role is to catalyse the sector's orderly development, he said.
Most cooperatives in Malaysia, he said, are in a comfort zone with a subsidy mentality and are greatly dependent on the government, yet do not copy best practices from outside, he said.
"We want to raise the number of quality, business-minded cooperatives that are professionally and competently run. We don't want dormant cooperatives," he said.
Malaysian cooperatives should emulate the large cooperatives in Korea, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Australia that assist economic growth, he said.
They should also have boards of directors with a high-performance work culture and collaborate among themselves, in line with CCM's vision of producing internationally competitive conglomerate cooperative corporations, he added. -- BERNAMA