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[ 22-04-2013 ]
Pizzalicious eyes slice of foreign market for its vending machines

    The company is also targeting to sell 100 units of the machines locally by year-end.

"The pizza vending machine is made entirely in Malaysia and it costs RM150,000 per unit and we have already pre-sold 20 units," said Pizzalicious director Harlinda Abdul Halim on the sidelines of 10th Malaysian International Halal Showcase (Mihas), here, recently. 

The pizza vending machines can churn out a pizza within three minutes after the money is paid. 

Harlinda said Ku Addy Fazly Ku Radin, who is Pizzalicious's chief executive and also her husband, came up with the idea after researching on it for some years.

"This is a pretty new idea and we know it exists in other countries. 

"However, we have been to several countries in Asia and haven't found such machines there, such as in Japan," she said.

Harlinda added that its vending machines offer four types of pizzas, which are chicken, beef, tuna and cheese pizzas.

"The ingredients are fresh and have a long shelf life. The pizza vending machines operate 24 hours a day until the ingredients are finished," she said.

Harlinda said the company has utilised an initial capital of RM250,000 to build a prototype of the pizza vending machine at a factory in Balakong, Selangor.

"Right now, we are talking to several banking institutions to come up with some financial schemes for those interested to buy our pizza vending machines." 

Harlinda said the introductory price for each pizza is RM10, with RM3 being the cost price and RM7 going to the vendor.

"We are planning to revise the price in due course," she added.

Harlinda also said having a pizza vending machine is a great way to increase one's passive income.