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[ 17-05-2013 ]
National Business Centre welcomes CEO of SME Corporation of Malaysia

In an effort to strengthen relations between Malaysia and the Sultanate of Oman and to further learn from the Malaysian experience in developing small and medium scale enterprises, the National Business Centre (NBC) at the Knowledge Oasis Muscat hosted the CEO of the SME Corporation Agency of Malaysia.

Dato Hafsa Hashim, CEO of the SME Corporation Agency, shared some of the analytical tools used to assess and support SME in Malaysia.

The event aimed at professionals in the fields of supporting small and medium enterprises in Oman as well promoting international events organised by the SME Corporation of Malaysia.

Commenting on this visit, the Director General of NBC, Malak Al Shaibani, stated, "Building rapport and learning from experiences of countries such as Malaysia is important. There are many programmes being implemented in Oman on SME development, and the National Business Centre plays a role in supporting entrepreneur development as well as working with various stakeholders towards a common objective. We are therefore delighted to be able to host the Malaysian officials at the National Business Centre."

The SME Corporation Agency recently hosted the business umbrella programme that is organised by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The programme included representatives of 17 Omani manufacturing companies as well as government officials.

"The visit to Malaysia was quite beneficial since we had the opportunity to visit factories, incubators and development centres that showcase the successful Malaysian experience," stated Nahla Al Hamdi, Director General of Industry at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

The SME Corporation works very closely with the SME Directorate at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry via an MOU. Sheikh Salah Al Maawali, DG of the SME Directorate, commented, "We have sent Omanis to Malaysia and the SME Corporation has been extremely helpful in supporting us. We are looking forward to explore further opportunities for cooperation." 

It should be noted that the National Business Centre has been created by the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates to be the premier platform for supporting entrepreneurs through training, mentoring and business advisory. The centre also provides office facilities as well as business support.