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[ 01-10-2013 ]
Malaysia's 1st SME directory provides indepth business opportunities
Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) account for more than 90% of all establishments but no one had the foresight to come out with a complete list of them in one publication.

It is a billion ringgit venture from manufacturing, service and agricultural sectors and it expected the value-added production of SMEs to be around RM120 billion.

The industries that are featured in the Malaysia SME Community Directory (MSCD) exist in our backyard and this comes at a time when we often ask ourselves...if only we had known the business opportunities that existed.

The MSCD is indeed a suitable vehicle for the local industries to demonstrate their position, prospect and excellence in the SME space.

And it only goes to show that innovation is possible and the MSCD has shown the way, understanding the need in the market, has put their expertise into good use by publishing the directory, the first and only kind in the country.

According to SME Corp Malaysia chairman Datuk Dr Mohamed Al-Amin Abdul Majid, the conceptualisation of the MSCD is driven by the importance of the economic contribution by SMEs.

“There is a need to compile in depth findings on various SME industries and with the introduction of the MSCD, policymakers will have a feel of the SME pulse,” added Mohamed Al-Amin.

Likewise, he added that it is essential for companies, local or foreign to have an understanding on the relevant industries and its SME players to include them in their business and investment plans.

“I can safely say that until today, there is no source such as this exists but I am encouraged by the prospect that this directory will serve some useful purposes and perhaps different ones as well,” he reiterated.

The MSCD is a prime example of “sticking to the knitting”, for example by focusing on what they know and do best since they work in close proximity to all SME stakeholders including SME businesses, government bodies, agencies, financial institutions, customers, suppliers, the local community and the general public — in short, they learn first-hand on what are needed for SMEs.

While SME Corp is the central point of reference for information and advisory services for all SMEs in Malaysia, it is interesting to know that a private sector has taken up the initiative to get onto the bandwagon and manage the daunting task of compiling information, statistics and data on 19 business communities driven by SMEs including agriculture, building, construction and manufacturing. These are wholesome information that all economic stakeholders must know.

SME Mandate

Mohamed Al-Amin said the MSCD will bring a better smart partnership between the public and private sector as Malaysia SME an active participant in the SME ecosystem is doing its part by encouraging entrepreneurship with better access to information and opportunities.

The MSCD offers the knowledge on what makes SME’s pulse tick and more and as the world watches what the Malaysian government has undertaken to promote SMEs in the country, the directory on its own will play its part in the greater agenda of growing SMEs in the country, while bringing wider business focus into the already vibrant SME market.

Mohamed Al-Amin said: “The directory will be an ultimate reference guide for all SME stakeholders in Malaysia.”

Published biannually, the audited circulation of 130,000 copies will be made available nationwide and used by all SMEs and SME Corp offices throughout the country.

The MSCD is one encyclopedia of SME information for all...regardless of whether it is for the government agencies, academics, economists, policymakers, financial institutions and the public, it aims to be bigger, better and more comprehensive with the second issue which is scheduled by the end of the year.