Introduction of Associations

The main purpose to set up the Associations' Chairman Board is to adopt the AGM proposal by accepting all states association Chairmen automatically and become FAWOAM Advisors. However, the committees feel that it will be better to form an Associations' Chairman Board within the organization chart and the Chairmen will play a better role. Besides this platform will ensure the issues and projects can be well-explained and opinions from other states Chairmen will be received easily to achieve FAWOAM’s goals and objectives. Furthermore, this platform will also bond the relationship among the states together.
List of Associations' Chairman

Kedah & Perlis

Koay Teik Wah


Chua Siew Lin


Kong Wai Kwong

Federal Territory & Selangor

Too Peng Huat

Negeri Sembilan & Malacca

Mar Seau Kea


Lee Hok

East Coast

Choi Soon Kiang


Chong Ket Yin


Ting Siew Ik


Bong Jiew Kit 


 Teo Nging Poh