Roles & Functions

As an Association looking after the interests of the automobile repairs industry, the role of FAWOAM can be viewed as representative function, consultative role and member services.

Representative Function
This is considered the key role of FAWOAM. It is an accepted fact that every automobile workshop owner knows and should know that his interests may be actually affected by what the Government or the other institutional bodies do. More often than not, he cannot act independently if he is aggrieved, but collectively, he can have his voice heard at the highest levels. Both through its representational channels and, directly with Government authorities or institutional bodies, FAWAOM is at all times at work for the automobile repair industry at national levels.

Over the years FAWOAM has made representations on various industry issues to Government Ministries and bodies like the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumers' Affairs and the Insurance Regulation Department of Bank Negara Malaysia. On institutional bodies, FAWOAM also works with the General Insurance Association of Malaysia and the National Insurance Claims Society on the collision repairs issues. 


Consultative Role
An increasing important aspect of FAWOAM's work is its consultative role with the Government. Malaysia with the largest motor vehicle market in ASEAN and the increasing importance of the automobile industry in the economic development of the country coupled with the challenges in anticipations of the advent of AFTA in 2005, mean there has to be a strong partnership between the Government and the industry, so as to protect and grow the automobile industry.

In recent years, FAWOAM has worked with the Ministry of Transport in the formulation of the Tow Truck Regulations; and also worked with the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumers' Affairs on the Workshop Information Disclosure Requirements, and the proposed Motor Vehicle Repair Act to be implemented in the near future. 


Member Services
Currently, members can obtain information on Government procedures and regulations, participation in FAWOAM seminars and trade missions and other matter affecting the automobile repair industry.


Workshop Information Disclosure Requirements

To fulfill FAWOAM objective of promoting awareness and compliance of the Workshop Information Disclosure Requirements, FAWOAM has worked with the Ministry of Domestic Trade & Consumers' Affairs in nationwide briefings on these regulations. To ensure uniformity, FAWOAM, with the help of the Ministry has issued a Guideline handbook to members. FAWOAM has also made available the “Recommended Prices Lists on Labour Charges” and Standard "Consumer's Right NoticeBoard".

Nationwide Towing Scheme

To enhance the industry image, FAWOAM operate the nationwide Towing Scheme with State Association members, where tow truck operators are governed by a set of Rules & Regulations on towing. To ensure safety, under the NTS, members have to properly equip their tow trucks as required under the Tow Truck Regulations.


To enhance automobile repair services, FAWOAM State Association members have been working with the National Vocational Training Council to accredit Repairers for their acquired skills through the Accreditation of Prior Achievements Programs.

To help members to enhance their knowledge under this accreditation program, State Association has hold trainings and seminars on Workshop Safety and Supervisory Management, as well as technical issues on new features found in today's cars.

Trade Visits

FAWOAM does organize trade visits to overseas countries to enable members to observe and learn the rapid developments of the motor industry in other countries. Over the years, FAWOAM has led trade visits to countries like Australia, South Korea, China, Thailand and Singapore.